Burke and Beyond has been building the confidence and independence of participants for over thirty years. They have built a reputation for warm and supportive environments, engagement with local communities and support for the aspirations of everyone who uses thier services. They believe in challenging participants to get the best out of themselves, whether that means increasing their ability to travel independently, improving their fitness and wellbeing or finding a job or volunteering opportunity. Programs are always highly flexible and tailored around the philosophy of  'Inclusion that Counts'.

 Burke and Beyond operates several services in Melbourne's eastern and southern regions, as well as offering an Outreach and Social Program. Each of the services runs out of an inviting modern location and is well located with easy access to public transport. They deliberately keep numbers low as this fosters genuine one-on-one relationships between staff members and participants. Small groups also contribute to more friendly and supportive environments - something that is further enhanced by the low staff turnover and a generally relaxed, good-natured mood.

Put simply, Burke and Beyond's services are great places to be.


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